What's your style?

Marilyn style

Emily Sharif Want. Want. Want.
Jenn Chan such ease
Mackenzie Gavel Backless wonder
ALINA DREA hot back!
Skina Vu White summer dresses <3
Krista Peryer Love the backless style
Jamie Ruttle love the no back
Yvonne Wu Hey girls, thanks ☺ This dress is really cute! can wear it everyday! I also like the fact that it has POCKETS!! so practical!
ALINA DREA yes! i love pockets too ☺
Yvonne Wu @Alina: right? Whenever I go to a party or clubbing where I have to move around or dance, I hate to bring a clutch or bag with me ☹ so inconvenient and I usually forget them....
Megan Li no clothes in the back
SOURCE: pinterest.com

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