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Spotted by Yvonne Wu in DRESS it up

Marilyn style

Emily Sharif Want. Want. Want.
Jenn Chan such ease
Mackenzie Gavel Backless wonder
ALINA DREA hot back!
Skina Vu White summer dresses <3
Krista Peryer Love the backless style
Jamie Ruttle love the no back
Yvonne Wu Hey girls, thanks ☺ This dress is really cute! can wear it everyday! I also like the fact that it has POCKETS!! so practical!
ALINA DREA yes! i love pockets too ☺
Yvonne Wu @Alina: right? Whenever I go to a party or clubbing where I have to move around or dance, I hate to bring a clutch or bag with me ☹ so inconvenient and I usually forget them....
Megan Li no clothes in the back

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