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Spotted by Yvonne Wu in DRESS it up

really love the combination of gold and black, metallic and geometric!

Vritti Goel @Yvonne I can totally see this dress over a pair of black and gold boots (I have to find a pair I like, though, which I'm having trouble doing). Thoughts?
Claire Magallanes this is so me..i love black and the gold pieces definitely add some edge to this LBD.
Yvonne Wu @Vritti: I'm searching for it too! I'll update you as soon as I spot one ;)
Yvonne Wu @Claire: Indeed, I think LBD is so classic, simple and neverfall, but adding some metal, beads, jewelry or some geometric into in will definitely highlight the look!
Huong Nguyen I LOVE the neckline detail on this dress
Claire Magallanes @Yvonne i agree, definitely! very bold yet still classy!
Yvonne Wu @Vritti: I haven't found the boots like what you described yet, but what do you think about this pair of gold and black peep toe? socialbliss.com


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