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Spotted by Yvonne Wu in DRESS it up

Ritu Kumar

Malee Chap So vibrant!
Yvonne Wu Thanks Somalee! I like the color with that texture!
Elysa Kemp <3 the sheerness and the contrasting detail at the bottom...
Vritti Goel Love Ritu Kumar, her designs are so amazing This color combination is also to die for.
Yvonne Wu Yes Elysa and Vritti! I like her design too! and I love Indian outfit! not only the color combination is always so perfect, the detail on the fabric, the gold and silver, the pattern and the paisley!
Vritti Goel @Yvonne I'll have to dig out my Ritu Kumar outfits one day and show em to you ☺
Yvonne Wu @Vritti: Awwwww!! you have to!!! Please~~ let me know when you add 'em into your collection!

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