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Spotted by Victoria Rosa in Beauty Tips

basically my favorite hair and face mask combo #diy

Talia Reinke I am going to try this one tonight! Excited!!!
Victoria Rosa @Talia Reinke you must take pix and post! Let me know how you like it. I'm going to pick up an avo after work and I must do it too! lol
Talia Reinke @Victoria De La Rosa I will....My hair is sooo dry I hope this helps!
Victoria Rosa O my gosh! It will! Promise. I have the world's driest hair and scalp. It helps me so much.
Hanna Hunt what does this do for your hair and skin? @Victoria De La Rosa
Talia Reinke @Hannah Hernandez moister. If you use Coconut oil its molecular structure is smaller than that of your hair so it get absorbed into your hair shaft like a champ. So it is great for dry hair!
Jessica Lauren Essential winter face care.


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