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Spotted by Ysa Cottrell in Oscar dresses that I didn't agree with

close to neon dress for the red carpet for me is a no-no. but all that working out and healthy living did jane fonda good

Sayako Kawashima Although critics don't like this dress- I LOVE IT! I think it looks great on Jane Fonda. It has just the right amount of sex appeal with a conservative low cut. The color is bright- but thats why I like it!
Ysa Cottrell @Sayako Kawashima, the cut and the dress itself is great, but I wish it was a different color for that style. I guess it's a agree to disagree situation, that's how it's always been with trend setters
Sayako Kawashima @Ysa Cottrell I can see that a different color- maybe like purple or navy blue would look better but as I said I'm a big fan of the canary yellow color. But we can agree on one thing- the form of the dress itself is great and really fits well on 75 year old Jane Fonda.
Vanina Doce-Mood @Sayako Kawashima @Ysa Cottrell I love this dress! And she looks amazing, younger and fresh.
Jane Christine She looked fab for her age
Ysa Cottrell Oh I'm not taking away that she looks amazing! especially for her age, it's just the color ;]

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