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Spotted by Stephanie M in DIY Girl

Grosgrain: DIY Bandeau Bikini Top

Kly Shirota two color bandeu
Love Lata Pretty Twist.
Jolene Angel I want to make a two-toned bandeu top! what a great idea!
Karen Villareal Bandeau twist
Michelle Campbell Such a great DIY.... I could start selling these
Deena Farley Will be doing for sure!
Lillian Estrada I'm not really into bandeau tops but this is adorable
Ariella Trots Looks can be deceiving, I bought this bandeu online and read all the FAQ's thoroughly to make sure it'd fit and it didnt.
Michelle Campbell @Ariella Trots that's not good, was it too small or big?
Elise Ann Immiti love the bold color choice of the orange with the grey
Jane Christine I'd wear that.
Jeni Wood let's twist & block ...
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