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Spotted by Sharonda Willis in Rihanna!

Rihanna and Chris Brown look very happy together at the 2013 Grammys.

Socialbliss Team It was rumored they would show up together but looks like they showed up solo on the red carpet. They look very cozy sitting next to each other! How does everyone feel about Rihanna and Chris getting back together?
Sharonda Willis @Socialbliss Team Im all about you do what makes you happy. You will never be able to please everyone, so start by pleasing yourself. And they really do look happy.
Brie Sagona @Socialbliss Team No! they need to stop!!
Hanna Hunt I want to be against them being together...but then I listen to "Nobody's business" on her album and it makes me realize it's not my business! haha @Socialbliss Team
Anne Morrissey Sometimes my favorite saying is the best saying. " More Will Be Revealed" never fails, apply it to whatever you want. Peace, Love & Fashion...
Hanna Hunt @Anne Morrissey love that! a good thing to keep in mind at all times
Sharonda Willis @Hannah Trigg exactly! None of our business. There young so they can both do what makes them happy. Time, growth and wisdom will come eventually.
Socialbliss Team @Anne Morrissey @Hannah Hernandez @Sharonda Willis @Brie Sagona great answers ladies, everyones entitled to their own opinion but we are sure we can all agree that they both had some fabulous fashion at the Grammys this year!
Kimberly Whitehead #rihannaIf she likes it, I love it.

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