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Prima Romulus respotted onto SUMMER BLISS from Kaitlyn Audley

Retro look. Where would you wear this to?

Jolene Angel SO in love with this look! @Prima Romulus this is making me crave summer! the #red with the #stripes is just perfect!
Prima Romulus @Jolene Angel: I have an unhealthy obsession with stripes so me saying "love it" doesn't even cut it.. lol. Summer days countdown!
Jolene Angel @Prima Romulus I love that youre all about stripes ;) you should make a #stripes collection!! oh yes..is it bad to count down to summer when it isnt even christmas yet? haha
Prima Romulus @Jolene Angel I was actually thinking about that. Thanks for the idea!! I'm already getting excited about it.. I shall call it " my little stripe obsession" .. lol
Jolene Angel @Prima Romulus You're welcome! and oooh good idea!! I'm excited to see the collection!
Jolene Angel @Prima Romulus You created the "Stripes" album! YAY!
Dawn Shannon This bathing suit deeply satisfies the East Coaster in me. Pop this on in The Hamptons or Hyannis Port. ☺
Dawn Shannon This is just too adorable.

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