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The Cross Overs Designer Cut Jean works with your body, and hangs naturally from high on the hip.Made from Indigo Blue Denim from U.S., 100% 13.5 oz. cotton. Opening the front flap reveals the signature hidden pocket and the concealed Justice Built label.This is a Woman's Designer Cut. Waist sizes for woman are 24,26,28,30,32 and 34.Shipped with 36" inseam to be cuffed or hemmed, and one extra button.

Standard Features:

4 button front for women's sizes (2 button optional)
2 front pockets
1 signature hidden pocket
All pockets are double welt construction, 7" deep (except hidden pocket)
High quality, medium to heavy weight fabrics

Optional Features: At No Extra Charge

Back Pockets with in and out flaps
Cargo Pockets

Getting the proper fit for your order:
Carefully measured as described above. Order a size bigger if you decide to wash the cotton fabric.

Example: If your waist is 24, and your hips are 28. Then you can order a 24 or 26. But keep in mind if you wash a 24, it will probably go to a 22 or 23 waist size. So all cottons will shrink to fit, IF YOU WASH Cotton.

Proper care for your garment:
Even though DRY CLEANING is recommended to keep the fabric and the fit to last a long time; ALL FABRICS ARE NEW, NOT PRE-WASHED. If you plan to machine wash the cotton fabric, you will lose about 1" to 1 1/2" around the waist and about 1 to 1 1/2" in the length. Wash and Rinse in cold water, dry on tumble dry Low to Medium heat.

Justice Built Cross Overs Designer Cut Jeans are made to Order, and NOT stack on some dusty shelf ready to be pick up from who knows where.

I Am Justice of Justice Built

$220.00 $300.00
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