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Jolique Moller NEON FUR
Jenna Beal Love it the neon fur! Who would of thought this could be done?
Jessica James now THIS is how you wear Bright Chartreuse in the winter. I think because she wears all white underneath she avoids looking like big bird. I would wear it with a pair of dark acid washed jeans and soft white tee .
Karo Peraza YELLOW!
Kaitlyn Audley This kind of reminds me of big bird, I would love to see this in black!
Jolene Angel oh wow! #yellowfur ??? that's so innovative! what would you wear this with @Karo Peraza
Brie Sagona love a bright coat during the chilly winter months!
Elise Ann Immiti loving this electric color for spring #neon
Elise Ann Immiti Bold in electric colored fur
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