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Spotted by Miss Kelly's Boutique in Trends I Love

Yup!! It works on dark hair!

Kelsee Dodson-Carter I wish I could pull this off..
Katerina Morozov @Miss Kelly's Boutique So glad to know that it works on dark hair! I havent done this cuz I didnt think that it would work, but i am going to try it now!
Cam Adams love these deep colors. is this color chalking?
Miss Kelly's Boutique Yes it is @Cam Adams! @Katerina Morozov can't wait to see it! Will follow so we can see! I have black hair and it still works for me! <3
Katerina Morozov WOW! @Miss Kelly's Boutique it works on black hair even!? dang I need to try this look then for sure! I will post pics when I'm done!
Alyssa M. Would love to do this to my hair!
Ursula Goff This is not chalk. This is my client Sadie, and this is actual hair color that I did myself.
Ursula Goff Here is the original source: flickr.com


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