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Spotted by Marisa Matsumura in Work Clothes that Rock

Simple and sleek for work

Chanel Beaupre @Marisa Matsumura I love this look for work too! I have a pair of trousers similar to this in black and I wear them all the time
Marisa Matsumura @Chanel Beaupre - we must have similar tastes because I have like 20 pairs of these types of trousers in different colors, mostly black though. ☺ They fit your body well and are comfortable at the same time
Chanel Beaupre @Marisa Matsumura yes! I have only found one pair with the perfect fit, I'm hoping to slowly acquire more, are there any brands or stores you would suggest?
Marisa Matsumura @chanel beaupre - the ones I love and have multiple pairs are BCBG. I have them in different fabrics and colors (accumulated them when I used to work there). I'll try to find out what the style name is. I have a couple from Zara too - but I usually only buy Zara during their semi-annual sale so the sizes run out pretty fast.
Marisa Matsumura @chanel beaupre - The BCBG pants are called the Maria slim pants. The great thing about these pants are that they have an elastic waistband (yes, elastic!) so they are comfortable and stylish. I usually end up wearing a top/shirt that covers the elastic portion.
Chanel Beaupre @Marisa Matsumura elastic waistband huh? They sound so comfy! thank you so much for your suggestions! I will definitely try to go find a pair of those to put on my christmas list! ;-)
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