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Margarita Bloom
Accessory Designers
Glamour Gal at Margarita Bloom *wink* margarita-bloom.com

Camille Zoe

New York

Look into my eyes - you will see what you mean to me.

SixNine Tee


Sell good shirt.

Ricky Martin



angelina clark

jax fl

iam 17 years old i have a boyfriend name Morris Bryant and Tyler Thomas

Tbdress shoes


I'm a lover of fashion. I love dress, pants, shoes and so on.

Tiffany Shih

Los Angeles, CA

Inspiration for all design. @tiffisonline

Stacy Anderson

Greenfield, Indiana

Stephanie Castillo

Orange County, CA

//SocialBliss Intern// A fashion junkie with a passion for art, traveling, and music.

58weddingdress 11



Lindaa Parkerr

Istanbul, Turkey

Women's Accessories

Sophia Aksu

istanbul, turkey

Hi ! I am a merchandiser / designer in a clothing company in Turkey, working with well known brands and turning their sketchs to real samples and following production for them. I was member on Etsy as a handmade addict for long time and now decided to open a shop and started to add my products on February 2014.

LI yl


Don't change your style to "fit in" with a group, or to get someone's attention, do it for yourself, to make yourself feel and look better!

gul demir D?NÇ


Happy .

New liu


Love is carefully designed lie?

myles zhao

Hong Kong

i like everything with regard to the fashion and popularity,and i wanna run after the stylish,glorious,beautiful and gorgeous things

ju liye


Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make you dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbors you are doing well

mark x


Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.

Betty k


Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

John B


Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.

Andy j


I’ll never forget the time we share together.

Fan Fanny


like summer,hate cold weather

Ebru Aynikki


Aynikki Knit and Crochet Fashion Bags and Accessories

Kevin k


love alone could waken love!

Emily Q


I never consider ease and joyfulness as the purpose of life itself.

Sean Corcoran

Los Angeles

I paint - oil, acrylic, oil pastel, and ink, mostly abstract. I also create digital art.

ICI Fashion

New York

Shop our exclusive selection of clothes and jewelry bound to make head turn!

Dress Renter

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dress Renter - Rents dresses for wedding, bridesmaid, and prom, as well as bridal accessories. http://www.pinterest.com/DressRenter

Elise D'Leon

Encinitas, California

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” - Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

stubblen fieldholly

United States

Love fashion and beautiful trends

willins nally

United States

find more effective but stylish things all the time!

Jody Laura

New York

one like fashion girl

Brenda Bergin

Waterford, Ireland

cute classic shop


Hello, Please visit my shop, tank top, t-shirt, clothing , good quality, cuteclassic on etsy, thank you very much.

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