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Spotted by Mali Cotterill in HAIR & BEAUTY

Great makeup job!

Natalie Arroyo Flawless
Elizabeth Brink Love this natural look.
Nicole Der Ananian natural looking but the eyes have just enough drama love!
Prima Romulus Yes, Natural and classic. DOes anyone know how I can find that nude lipstick? SOmething that is not too dry. This one looks creamy.. .
Nicole Der Ananian this is probably a lip stick with a clear gloss over. any make up line should have it. I have a ton of Chanel lip glosses and sticks check them out.... take this picture into sephora I bet one of their girls could find it for you and try colors on you! :-$
Prima Romulus @Nicole Der Ananian: Good idea. I am very skeptical about color on my lips, they are already kinda pigmented, so I like nude/natural tones. I will however take this picture to MAC and Sephora.. what a good idea!
Jolene Angel this #nudelip is stunning on her! what fantastic makeup..@Prima Romulus that is such a good idea to take this picture to MAC!
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