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Spotted by Kaitlin Henning in Fall Wardrobe Essentials

creamy comfort

Jessa Villamor ahhhhhhhhhh yugfhvkujb
Kaitlyn Audley I wish the sweater was open so that you could see the white shirt underneath, otherwise in my opinion it's a little too monochromatic
Brie Sagona Love the Muted look
Mali Cotterill Fall/Winter look that I love
Kaitlin Henning @Kaitlyn Audley Agreed. When I saw this I guess I didn't look at it as an entire outfit, just loved the different #taupe #muted styles. I'd love to pair the pants with a neon wintery top or belt the sweater as a dress and pair with some awesome jewel tone leggings. What looks would you pair with these #taupe basics?
Kyra Boyden Great casual wear for the fall and winter


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