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Blake looking ready for fall in a print cardigan with coffee in hand

Lauren Metzger @Kaitlyn Audley the other day my sister asked me where she may find this jacket.. i did a little research and found the look and the look for less here: the-budgetista.com ..and bcbg has an amazing card
Lauren Metzger for some reason i think i might only be able to comment with one link.. here is the link to the bcbg cardi: bcbg.com
Kaitlyn Audley @Lauren Metzger Thanks for the awesome suggestion! I am loving the looks for less, I find it hard to buy an item that is expensive when I can find it for such a better deal!
Ellen Miller OMG @Lauren Metzger thanks so much for this!! Was so excited to see it on my stylefeed... I saw the original on People but there was no way I could afford it!!! Would definitely consider a similar style.
Lauren Metzger @Kaitlyn Audley @Ellen Miller anytime loves! this is a great look for fall - glad there are affordable options! xx
SOURCE: eonline.com

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