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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in Work It!

accents of black + gold

Adriana Menephee im loving this outfit
Desiree Gonzalez need those booties
Kate Kirages gimme dat bootie
Kia Couture The rest of the outfit is great as well but these gold studded booties grabbed my attention as soon as I saw the picture
Evon Biondi Makes me think of European chic...fun!
Issa Velayo That Chanel bag is the perfect finish for this outift
Ashley Matina So sophisticated!
Kristen Raines The coat Chanel <3
Kelly Kademian this is iconic moment
Laura Rensing I love the look she's giving, like she knows how great she looks!
Katharine Beveridge Classic-Looking for Fall.
Kelly Chung amazing
Kellie Katherine classic elegance
Johanna Lopez definition of BAD
Tamiya King this is IT.
Issa Velayo Legs for daze with those booties
Diana Azonipse LOVE it .
Jess Flavin killer shoes
Alyssa Adore I love booties with legs for days.
Molly McNamara Baby, I'll See You At Home
Ashley Brown Classy, yet fabulous
Adrianna Ninne Love the neutral colors
Suzin Berman clean and casual!
Nicolette Sas love the booties
Jessica Beazer This is so simply stunning!
Darcy Rosenthal Love love love this combo!!! It is simple and chic but office professional at the same time. I love how the black accents are so intense and just bring out the whole outfit
Laura Levesque Everything about this outfit is beautiful and flattering!
Ranae Shrider classic outfit never goes out of style
Nina LoPresti Stunning!
Megan Looney I adore this look!
Brittany Lynn So classy <3
Chelsea Frank sophisticated
Eva Schutz Love this mini outfit
Sarah Nessa This is adorable!
Vanessa Ho I love the way that jacket falls! Really accents the legs
Jenna Beal Beautiful for the warmer days of fall where is its okay to show some leg!
Kahley McCall Nelms I LOVE the short trench with gloves and some louboutins!
Laura Yarborough Its all about chic frocks and stylish shoes
Savannah French This is not just a trend..it's classic
Kly Shirota Love the outfit!
Breanne Gratton I adore these booties
Ellen Miller Love this overcoat and accessories combo
Kristen Silva I love everything about this spot- the gloves, purse, coat/dress and booties. all of it needs to #getinmycloset asap
Cynthia Rodriguez The short and the high.
Melissa Holt J'adore everything about this outfit!
Morgan Silva love it
Stephanie Kim This is a very cute outfit.
Eboni Jackson so classy
Ana Murrieta Amazing heels!
Atali Sommers I love this
Samara Savage cute, iwant this
Priscilla Zavala The shoes are lovely!
Monet Jensen This is definitely the type of feminine outfit with a touch of edge you would see in London. The studded gloves are fierce!
Krenare Sahiti such a woman
Jami Carmichael Loving the black ankle heels... seeing them a lot.
Antonio Jackson She looks really good in this. Her heels aren't to tall and instead of skirt she did that long blazer
Allison Fedor Loving the way they did this. Usually not much for light pink, but the studs and black make it less girly. ☺
Shayla ???????? Very adorable
Alayne Pabilonia LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby Kilian black clutch, studded gloves, studded booties, coat-dress, light & dark
Emily Centeno yes! my dream outfit
HB Beauty Bar omg!! Luv this ensemble!
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