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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in TRENDING TO OXBLOOD RED

Bodycon Dress with Baroque Details

Kimberly Davis www.fashionmenagerie1.com
Rabia Dastmalchi yes and yes
Priya Maharaj This Winter's trends of Oxblood and Brocade put together creating a dress so chic you can wear it for a night out with a furry vest or pair with leggings for Christmas dinner.
Laurie Pratt This pattern speaks for itself, the color is spot on and the dress itself is so sexy without revealing too much
Crystal Johnson I like the design
Kelsey Macdonald This is gorgeous! I looked at it and thought it was a traditional Chinese silk dress then I looked again and realized it wasn't.
Shelley Jo Shuford Yes OMG yes !
Shelley Jo Shuford This is yes gorgeous but all so pretty...!
Kayla Ayers Night Out
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