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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in TIMELESS ELEGANCE

Anne Hathaway in Miu Miu

Cely Horna stunning look
Yvonne Wu Anne Hathaway in Miu Miu
Mammie Keith Ms. Hepburn or Ms. Hathaway ?? hmmm..gorgeous
Tracy Troisi ahh i love her!
Teddi Joyner Timeless!! I agree #MammieKeith!!
Diana Youn Miu Miu
Noelle Crooks I adore Miu Miu. In this picture, Anne Hathaway protrudes Audrey Hepburn. The large necklace and clutch definitely tie this look together.
Mackenzie Newcomb Audrey attire
Jae Shin Gorgeous!
Vanya Smrz bejeweled beehive
Chayla Kinkade Anne channeling her inner Audrey, stunning.
Samantha Taylor Stunning Love her brows too
Kate Severson The Audrey Hepburn look never goes out of style.
Justin White How is it possible for her beauty to out shine, chunky necklace. Elegance is absolutely right!
Adriana Menephee anne hathaway looks like audrey hepburn such a classic look
Brooke Lawson Obsessed with Miu Miu and totally love Anne
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