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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in SUMMER Lovin

surfin day

Brittany Gunderson those john lennon sunglasses are so fun
Vanya Smrz YOKO summer
Brianna Geeslin Surfer chic is so in!
Kenya Chuol (whistle)
Sarah Little try something new - even if you fail you will respect yourself for it!
Hayley Blake Sunglasses
BriBri Toopretty I love that jean vest
Kate Severson Those sunglasses are so Ozzy Osbourne!
Carter Johnson Surfs up.
Jessica OBrien love the sunnies, perfect for summer!
Libby O'Sullivan Brooklyn Hipster meets Cali Surfer Girl!
Devonte Thompson Fits that vintage boho summer fun seeker look.
Ana Rita Surf
Mary-Kate Rodis california dreamin
Rachelle Barnes Total summer look
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