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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in SUMMER Lovin

stunning maxi

Yvonne Wu can almost smell the breeze and ocean!
Cely Horna cool blue
Kailey Tissue Easy breezy! Great Summer look
Tracy Troisi tye dye stripe maxi on the beach
Anna Peel Beautiful summer dress
Wilma Paijem blue is blue
Vritti Goel Love the wide blue and white stripes. Perfect for this full-length
Ana Abitia Very summery
Diana Youn Blue & white striped maxi. Perfect for a photoshoot at the beach! hehe
Teddi Joyner Love the pattern in this Maxi, looks like a summer breeze
Ali Linthorst Stripes are a classic staple for any wardrobe.
Stephanie Kim maxi dress
Manisha Patel Beautiful
Yohann Goethe I love the colors
Aga Szymanska I really love the colors. Beautiful dress
Lauren Ash Sexy summer to the max!
Brittany Gunderson Must have for the beach days
Dressing Elisabeth This is the perfect Maxi!
Sarah Chally Looks so navy-esque!
Dressing Elisabeth I can't get over how much I love this maxxi.
Carla Vaisman Stripes!!
Kenzie Cable Gorgeous Maxi Dress!
Danielle Rodgers Stripes are very big this summer. The nautical "nodd" with the navy brings the feel of the piece back the beach.
Janee Ware I need to add this to my closet ASAP
Yvonne Wu @Janee: true! otherwise, fall is around the corner!
Vritti Goel I can totally see a leather jacket worn over this dress, in a light brown. The beauty of the maxi dress is that you don't have to worry about the proper length for a jacket/cardigan/sweater going over it.
ALINA DREA cute maxi on the sand
Kenzie Cable LOVE the nautical maxi dress! beautiful for summer
ALINA DREA @Vritti very true!
Kelsey Marie blowing in the breeze. Maxi love.
Vanya Smrz bold patterns
Kenya Chuol winston
Kristen Domingcil @Vritti awesome styling tip.
Sierra Gray high fashion nautical
Vritti Goel @Alina and @Kristen thanks, do you agree with the jacket suggestion? Or would you add a sweater instead for the fall?
Ana Rita Ocean BLUE
Reci Rich This is a must have for EVERY female's vacation luggage!
Celeste Shante cuttteeee
Wemi Guzman Let it flow
Xuan Tran prettty
Stephanye Pisanic Great look! the stripes are perfect. they make her look good and not fat. (Stripes can have that effect, but not here).
Anna Brent cool and breezy!
Evon Biondi bold stripes flow beautifully on this maxi
Krystal Salinas Yes I would wear a blue striped maxi!!
Savannah French Blue mediterranean
Jeni Wood It's still hot enough to wear this!
Angela Purcell First thing i'd buy before going to the Caribbean!
Melissa Barr Very cute
Claude Coulomb blue & white dress
Astrid Malone Summer flow..can't get enough of maxi dresses
Allison Fedor MAXImize me
Patricia Ehrhardt This needs minimal jewelry.
Auria Horne I love blue and white stripes for the summer time. They always make me think of sailors!
Milada Sabolova holidaaaay ☺
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