What's your style?

Spotted by Jennie Huynh in SUMMER Lovin

Biking date

Jane Christine Taylor Swift is always looking so classy, sometimes I think she dresses a little old for her age though..
Angela Purcell I've often thought the same, i can't help but think it would be adorable if she hemmed the skirt a bit.
Monique Vaughan Awesome contrast in colors
Atrue Goodaz Taylor Swift is a breath of fresh air for me. love love love her style.
Alejandra Cuevas so jackie kennedy
Samara Savage The colors, I absolutely love
Cynthia Rodriguez Chic and Classic
Sharayah Jennifer I love how Taylor Swift's vintage style has bled into her music. Red is a FANTASTIC album!
Barbi Smith vintage. red lipstick. bows. sunglasses
Elizabeth Brink The modern old lady.
Jolin Tsai Taylor Swift.
Alayne Pabilonia classic Taylor Swift ☺
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