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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in SHOE ADDICTION


Adriana Menephee im loving the heelless wedges trend!!!!
Jenn N. These...oh my gosh, I want themmmmm.
SMK SMK Talk about a work of art!!
Molly McNamara Heaven At Once
Kate Kirages galleons
Kia Couture Don't lie to yourselves people; the platform is ridiculously high to not have a heel, the colors and patterns are overwhelming, the design carved into the platform looks just like the picture frame in the back - these shoes are a nightmare and the thought
Alanna Loren If only I could afford these! One day ☺
René Nerviani If only I could walk in these ☺ They are beautiful though..
Shannon Willis These are very interesting. To be honest, these aren't my style. Besides the ridiculous platform, they look out of this world. I need a heel or i'll be flat on my face
R R One of a kind
Darina Laviene artistry! Absolutely LOVE these beauties!
Darina Laviene these shoes are the show!
Calin Paris Balance.
Trista Alley I wish!
amor Cindy new generation
Chanel Adams Wow! I'd like to know how you walk in them without falling over.
Essie Nagler so gaga
Katharine Beveridge Breathtaking
Cathleen Toth These are ridiculously fabulous!
Niki Huske i never would have thought that anyone would come out with shoes like this. but im glad they did, so cihc
Christini Jenkins LOVEDefinitely trophy shoes
Brooke Ely such a power statement
Nikki Baker Genius-ly fabulous!
Kellie Katherine piece of art
Daisha Roberts Heel-less heels, love!
Nancy Vecchione So not for me... wd break my neck!
Ophelia Cummings hey these can go with the velvet scarf dress.."no really? I'm over-dressed?"
Kristen Silva Stunning
Nic Martin Wow!?!?!
Kat Marrow I think a modern day Cinderella would rock these shoes!
Kat Marrow I think a modern day Cinderella would rock these shoes!
Brianna Harrison Crazy cute shoes
Ranae Shrider guarenteed nobody has these which is the point. always stand out and you def stand out in these!
Chelsea Frank HIOLY &*%%*^&$*&^
Melissa Victoria drop dead gorgeous
Jill Bill an impressive balancing act
Terra Bullock anyone who says fashion isn't art, should try to walk in these shoes.
Wanda Beriguette-downs These are a must have in my closet, great spotting!
Jessie Portlock Incredible - reminds me of a Gaga Louis XIV mashup
Tiffany Solis Can someone say unique?
Vanessa Ho walking on baroque
Aleksandra Leksy lovely shoes
Monica Hunt Like wearing interior design on your feet.
Anastasia Pierce TRUE Royalty
Sharnay Stone Walking Royal!!!
Lexi Battelle a #Baroque balancing act
Mina Prl Unique...
Brie Sagona Baroque
Michelle Rhodes SPEECHLESS .
Alejandra Pedroza Villanueva break your neck beautiful
Elise Ann Immiti My favorite shoe trend yet. whoever invented the no heal look you are a genius
Anna En-Stylist amazing details. definitely something i would love to wear.
Taylor Edwards need like now
Cam Adams Would you dare?
Tanya Desatnik Brocaded metal detail
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