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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in sexy lil' things

lined in the right places

Bryana Hill VaVa-Vooooom
Caitlin Pihl gorgeous bra
Cristie Pate I really like the straps on this.
Teddi Joyner Perfectly placed straps. Love Love
Kaylynn Santiago Essential accessory to feel even sexier in your halter top!
Linda Lieu 2 straps Bras are so old school.
Kitty Coco Dominant and dangerous
Carla Vaisman Amazing!
Nathalie Janis The geometry of this bra is breath-taking. I must own this!
Savannah Torres Need it want it!
Olya Bazhii Sexy black lingerie
Vanya Smrz adds style to your strapless dresses with this unique look.to dress it up, pull back that hair and show off your neck with diamond earrings or a choker.
Wynsome Brown Very sexy!
Shantell Anderson Unique! Sexy!
Mercedes Schlaffer My hubby loves black too
Dolce Vita this is awesome!
Mercedes Schlaffer yes extremely sexy and unique
Elissa Mirsky Sexy Chic
Reci Rich very sexy and almost mermaid like!
Evon Biondi yes...the most beautiful accessory is lingerie...
Kristen Raines wow perfect
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