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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in in the details

three dimensional

Vritti Goel wow, that is one amazing neckline. I hope the rest of the dress has no design, otherwise it would take away from this amazing detail!
Vritti Goel So unique!
Dee T Wirework redefined
Caitlin Louie absolutely love this, amazing detail!
Colette Broderick Luxury Lifestyle
Di Wu this is amazing!
Jacqueline Grieco so flattering.
Sarah Chally Something Mary Antoinette would have loved to wear
Marissa Pugliese Edgy design takes talent.
Carla Vaisman Architectural goodies
Nathalie Janis This is insane!! Completely unwearable, but awesome to look at!
Alaa Shabouni this is exquisite.
amor Cindy what a beautiful decor
Vicki Yubin Huang this is art
Vritti Goel @Nathalie I think it could be wearable, if only done for the neckline. We don't bend that part of our bodies much so a stiff design there could work. Ofc, it's not practical for everyday wear, yes.
Vritti Goel Although getting into the dress might be a bit interesting. Hmm...
Janee Ware The amount of man hours that must have taken... Stunning!
Samantha R Ridic detail
Kelsey Marie intriguing
Jae Shin Exquisite details!
Wynsome Brown Stunning
Dolce Vita i adore this!
Jeni Wood This detail gives a new definition to the LBD.
Sarah Sweeney My idea of futuristic lace.
Amanda L I would love if something this became mainstream. Elegant swirls everywhere!
Jenn N. How is that even made?!
Evon Biondi 3 dimensional work of art
Michelle Marie This neckline is impressive! I love the endless pattern. No need for a necklace here! It's all done for you!!
Mary Demarais how interesting
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