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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in GENTLEMEN, TAKE NOTES

vintage iphone case cover

Krystal Salinas Love this!
Blake Farabi I agree
Glory Vee Bow Ties
Lupita IG Couldnt agree more, they are awesome.
Fleur De Lissa I make bling cases so me luvs this one. But what's "vintage" about it? IPhones haven't been out long enough to be vintage yet. Lol
Nakiea Anderson Bow ties inspired my new DIY bowtie necklace
Amy Connolly classic meets modern
Elizabeth Brink Doctor Who? What is more fashionable nerdy?
Antonio Jackson I need that ☺
Monet Jensen Love this Chic Dr. Who reference #nerddom
Kelsey Macdonald Anything that involves Dr. Who is good in my book. We need more fun and nerdy accessories.
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