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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in GENTLEMEN, TAKE NOTES

tom ford tux

Denerick Lindsey Tom Ford can do no wrong!
Erin Iannotti tom ford is such a classy man
Bernie El I love how the suit pants open up a whole new world for Mens wear.. Something different and also gives off the Geek Chic look for guys.
Joshua Alan The complete men's suit. A great example of using dual-texture and pattern to add a dash of excitement into a clean cut, structured, and refined men's wardrobe must-have. But really when does Tom Ford ever lead us astray.
Breana Dunlap great print on this trouser.
Gabrielle Talao Tom Ford can do no wrong.
Yp Prince now this is very nice i love how it blends together it does'nt look cluttered
Kaitlyn Audley A man in a patterned Tom Ford Suit...I'll take it!
Antonio Jackson I love this!! The more styled up modern way of the tux
Rashad Benton I Need This Look
Ken Fournier I just need a tux affair to attend. #Rad
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