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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in Fashion is my Drug

retro hot

Mia Glenn OMG!!!!
Jess Mess Dress and belt. FABULOUS
Zanna Scrimgeour Love this vintage look!
Dave Smith classic!
Jaida Li ADORE.
SMK SMK so classy!
Wynsome Brown Vintage Couture!
Kellie Katherine Hello Barbie. vintage inspired.
Eliza Fish Obsessed with with her off the shoulder dress and perfectly matched posture
Luisa Lucia OMG fabulous.
Kyle Brooks Vintage look, shapely figure.
Karlena MarLee Ohmygosh
Karlena MarLee This is way cute ! Who makes this?!
Holly Winn I like the picture more than the dress. Modeling shots can do wonders.
Mary Demarais pretty colors and print
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