What's your style?

Kendall Youngstrom I too would love to study the history of pooka dots...
Brit Fleming polka dots are timeless
Jennie Huynh @Kendall, some say polka dots started in fashion history with Miss Minnie Mouse. Thank you, Walt Disney...
Jazmin Samora I always squeel for adorable polka dots.
Belle Sansone Polka dots are perfect for any age group. They have never gone out of style and I never think they will.
Kelsey Sanborn this looks so 50s!
Jaida Li I do not like polka dots.
Vritti Goel Not too overwhelming, and the belt makes the whole thing just cute.
Neha Jewalikar The cinched belt is so flattering.
Roxanne Mobley A spaced out polka dot would be great with some stripes.
Olivia Ringo I love polka dots--especially on a trench coat!
Wynsome Brown Polka dots will always stay in style in my book!
Cherisha Norman looks like a fun dress
Lexy cmb forver polka
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