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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in COLOUR ME HAPPY

neons in the rain

Jenn N. Brilliant!
Molly McNamara adorable!
Paulette Moutal Omg this AWESOME.. it's like little red riding hood but neon yellow!
Ophelia Cummings right as rain
Maryam Taheri This is the good amazing version of a plastic raincoat you know classy version
R R soooo cute!
Katharine Beveridge this is so cute! it's a nice transition and combo from a summer to fall trend!
Essie Nagler so chic
Scott Lambert enjoying the combination parka/raincoat, polished with the black finish. on trend with the neon
Style Exhibition Great pop of color - yes you can be stylish in the rain. Who needs an umbrella when you can rock this raincoat?!
Jordanna Stephen Little yellow riding hood.
Nancy Kong Neon cape
Rachel Kang This will make me feel a lot better because of that bright neon contrast even under rainy days. Who can't say that you have to wear dark colors under cloudy days?!
Rachel Kang I totally love bright colors and this will definitely lift my spirits up during those rainy dull days.
Kristen Silva Neon rain cover!
Barron Rosborough This is a great interpretation on the classic rain coat
Keiana Smith I need this!
Bre\'Esther Florence Want it to rain
Daniella Noel Brodsky I hope I an still make some neons work even in the colder months, I love them too much to leave them behind with summer
Alexa Upper the detail of the black trim really makes the yellow pop. love how everything else she is wearing is black
Matthue Kheck Need that now.
Megan Mowgli I need this in Seattle! Love the neon.
Nicolette Sas love the yellow
Danny Fogarty ahhhhhhhhhhhmazing
Megan Looney So hood.
Darcy Rosenthal Neon in the rain what does this say to you?
Rachelle Barnes Brightness in the rain. Being cute even in the worst of the weather.
Chelsea Frank little yellow riding hood
House OfDorcas This is cool. "Little Yellow Riding Hood!"
Sarah-Alyssabeth Freeman Super cute poncho style that brightens up a rainy day!
Eleanor Hill Look at that shape! The colors are perfect together, this wouldn't work without the gray tights. Highlights the wearer and not how much (or how little) she's got in her pockets
Jill Bill The little yellow high-lighter that could
Ashley Tso Love the hood!
Danny Diess usually i shy away from yellow, but this totally works.
Jess Luce Little Yellow Riding Hood
Bernie El Brilliant!
Tabitha Mason beautiful color
Kortnee Ashley Ponchos. They're coming back - again! #excited
Jess Luce This would be great as a slicker, rather than wool.
Parris Barnes Looks like sunshine
Kaitlyn Audley A #yellow version of little red riding hood..
Carolina Sinigoi Little yellow hood
Nancy Barcenas Eye popping color, Great for Texas weather
Astrid Malone Simply perfect
Auria Horne Bright yellow makes rainy days just a bit happier (:
Angelica Chavez had to respot! cute neon coat <3
Dymond Warren no words. just bright fashion on a grey day
Eboni Jackson rain coat poncho
Jess Jarman Lord of the neon
Dawn Shannon Love the funky take on the classic yellow slicker done poncho style. Nice.
Cindy Nalbandyan Neon Done right
Katerina Morozov Stay dry in style!
Denise Hernandez Yellow hooded cloak with black trim. I'm dying.
Lexy cmb yellow-riding hood
Leona Lee Trendy
Laura Nitz pop of color
Yuliya Julija .....if it's raining?
Olivia G Way to make the neon yellow tourist poncho stylish!!
JanLauren Greenfield This would brighten up any workday .
Kelsey Macdonald just looking at this poncho makes me happy.
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