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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in Cold Weather Musts!

when it's chilly in cali

Iz Izzy Yeah, I def wear these!
Breanne Ralston soo cute!
Alex Zanrosso nee highs
Jenna DeRito This is so cute!
Kristen Jessica This is something I would wear end of summer/beginning of fall due to the neutral color scheme and the knee high cut boots remind me that Autumn is right around the corner!
Vanessa Renteria So cute! Too bad I could never pull this off in Texas cuz it would be either too hot or too cold out.
Candace Bailey perfect outfit!
Bianca Palumbo This outfit could work in the fall also if paired with a light jacket or sweater!
Kaitlyn Audley Love these boots
Johanna Lopez great waist high skirt with a simple white button up and knee high boots
Christina Tasiopoulou Boots, chanel bag, neutral colors, classy, edgy, pretty all at once
House OfDorcas This outfit with the boots is very sexy!
Tabitha Mason lovely outfit love it
Kristen Silva California fall look <3
Aree Nok-Kear I dont know....
Jenna Redline Those boots were made for walking..
Nichole Kennedy cowgirl love
Melissa Barr Fall in California
Francis Geraldo Must have at least two pairs of boots ankle and knee high... the very sexy and edgy is the one above the knee, tigh high ... love it
Brittney Mares date night
Jolene Angel I love the fringe on these boots!
Barbi Smith fringe boots
Denise Tucker A knockout combo
Nicole Der Ananian Absolutely love this look!
Jolin Tsai So hot
Lisa Mccoy This would work for upcoming shoots
Carole J Sloan sexy boots!
Anjali Zankyani goes right into my style book !
Kim Dau This is a pair of cut-out stockings away from the Pretty Woman/Corporate Working Girl collection. Flaunt curves in the bedroom, not the boardroom!
Ashley Wood I love that you can use some of this outfit for work too
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