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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in CELEBRITY Style Crush

who says you cant wear dots and stripes?

Kelsey Fish dots stripes
Anna Peel Pair up a classic button down with a vest and denim shorts- genius style idea!
Hannah Wetovsky I'm so terrified to try patterns together, but this has inspired me. So cute!
Noelle Crooks Masculine and sexy!
Carla Vaisman I saw the bow tie and I died. I love it!
Jessica Boscarini Casually chic.
Joanna Rose playing dress up in your boyfriend's wardrobe
Jae Shin Very chic
Dareece DollyAnn Santos I love androgynous looks so fly!
Cassi Lynn Mens wear as womens wear <3
Vanya Smrz happy hour chic
Candace Bailey LOVE THIS
Delainey Maughs I love this Brenda-Walsh type look.
Xavier Johnson I love this sort of trend to a more androgynous look
Courtney Dimiceli Totally my style and look there's the classic white button down...
Faye Gallegos I so want to start wearing vests but can never find the right ones.
Spring Wedlund You can wear dots and stripes! A casual menswear inspired look...
Courtney Juarez masculine and feminine!
Courtney Juarez masculine and feminine
Faye Gallegos Yes I agree with Miss Spring ☺
Patrianna Douglas love this look
Natasha Guzie LOVE this outfit
Rachel Joyce hate the whole outfit they shouldn't have put that pock a dotted tie and jeans shorts together it looks bad even i won't wear that i've rather wore the same color pants as the vest color horrible outfit.
Amelia A love this look
Issa Velayo A white polo is a very versatile piece that you should always have in your closet
Kristen Jessica This is a mix of contemporary casual a spin off that working shift and taking those dirty working trousers off and feeling good about those thighs decide to slip on some denim shorts and to tie it in with a neutral matching belt.
Christini Jenkins The sexy dorm-mate next door ! Tie the color and add a Louie Vuitton laptop case and you're ready to start an educational day !
Rachel Kang "boyfriend" look to another level. mixing prints and textures are my friend.
Tamiya King The pattern combination is superb ☺
Nicole Der Ananian casual but fabulous. love the tan vest with the button up...the jeans....love! would look great with black leggings and riding boots!
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