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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in CELEBRITY Style Crush

Maria Menounos in mint by Maria Lucia Hohan

Laurel Kathleen Maria in Mint
Issa Velayo Summer weddings are really festive especially with cool and refreshing color palettes
Moriah Dee Love the neckline and color of this dress.
Kelly Humphrey Timeless.
Priscilla Estrada aghh the most beautiful dress
Nancy Kong Mint Dress
Rachel Kang Showing the Mint love in an elegant manner.
Johanna Lopez This Is MY Perfect Cinderella Dress.
Alexy Menendez TOTALLY ME(in a dress)!!!
Nina LoPresti love this Mint dress
Meghan Jean Absolutely stunning. So feminine and elegant. Anyone in this dress would have to feel pretty!
Genevieve Malandra color is fantastic
Genevieve Malandra Color is amazing!
Francis Geraldo Love the color the shape and the hair as well
Tasia Burgess This pastel green put on the flowingly fabric of this dress is a classy elegant way to walked the red carpet.
Brie Sagona minty goddess
Marissa Mills this color, that shape, the draping..
Cassandra Krupp While we all love our rich emeralds and forest greens, there's always room for a little mint in our wardrobes!
Marie Béatrice Bramble i love the color of this dress...
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