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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in CELEBRITY Style Crush

gwen stefani in mens look

Elena Childers Hey Baby!
Samantha Peery Love the tie! ☺
Amy Simmons I love that leather is in season! The leather adds the femininity to the button up with the tie.
Kaitlin Henning love adding subtle feminine accents to a menswear outfit so cute!
Traci Brandon She does it right! AGAIN! A style icon that can't be beat.
Kimberly Goodnight GWEN does no wrong in my book!
Savannah Te Aorangi Love the pants!
SMK SMK Gwen working the shirt and tie look
Irene Carbajal i think this is a really cute number on gwen stefani
Sarah Mann Menswear is my Fall go to, my closet could pass for a man's at quick glance.
Lindsey Wodrich Gwen in Men's
Lexi East her leather jeans <3
Nafeesah Safiyah This look will never go out of style!
amor Cindy the fem-mi men look gotta love it because it give a professional business look and edgy yet fitted for a woman's body. she looks great in it.
Bernie El Less is More!
Guadalupe Ochoa my inspiration.
Gabrielle Talao What doesn't Gwen look amazing in?
Breanne Gratton I absolutely love menswear for women for fall. I love adding feminine touches like a bold lip or a soft curl
Beqa Maat Love the skinny crop leather pants and the tie makes this outfit almost like a school girl rock collection!
elle a effem Gwen, I just love your style!
Nicole Ayilola Gwen always has the classy, edgy look! It's perfect!
Gabrielle Talao @nicole ayllola Gwen always looks classy no matter what she wears!
Irlanda Cortes-Acosta ummmm who doesn't love Gwen
Jenna Redline LEATHER!
Tamiya King boyish chic--love it ☺
Francis Geraldo the leather pants with the zippers is nice and edgy... The tie adds the boyish playfulness. The boyish power suit with rock and roll
Nora Nieves Love Gwen style!
Kate Wingard love the leather cropped skinnies
Lisa Mccoy Love this!
Amanda Butler amazing looking as always....
Tasia Burgess Caller T's with a tie adds a touch of edge to a professional or dressed up outfit.
Cresta-Jean Caces Gotta love her different style!!
Style_by _Fashnboucou Leather & Men'swear. Gotta love this girl!
Carin Pompei Gwen will and always be an original hipster. She has always been her own person and possessed her own style. She can pull off anything she wants. A true Fashion Icon.
Sierra Connell Gwen kills it again, making Men feel inferior in their 9-5 suits with her sexy, structured leather pants and skinny tie
Geeze Marie I know the red lipstick is her trademark, but I absolutely can't stand it on her... However I love her fashion sense!
Kate Wingard must-have leather cropped pants!
Wendy Familia Love her
Brooke Raeanne She is always fresh, I love Gwen!
Stephanie Olga she is o so FLY
Alina & Yidi Gwen Stefani menswear inspired
Yasmin Halili Celeb Icon Gwen Stefani looking Fab in leather pants
Olga Sokolova Love her!!
Alexa Beridon Gwen Stefani in men's style
Sewn Soul Gwen.
Lydia Tai Gwen Stefani
Vintage Vixen I want those #leather pants
Denise Castellano Suite n tie
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