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Spotted by Jennie Huynh in ACCESSORIZE ACCESSORIZE

best dressed arms

Kellie Katherine You can never have enough arm candy
Wemi Guzman Best dressed arms indeed
Hope Thomas loovvveeee!!!
Leilani Monroe Fish bone bracelet is ingenious!
Sandra Gaviria Best dressed arms
Tamiya King yep i like it ☺
Cassie Nikita Diligently Decorated.
Nora Torres Mixed metals help separate your accessories and are eye-catching!
Ingrida Ga arm party
Amy Azada All that hardware reminds me of wonder woman's metal cuffs
María Caballero heaven. Bracelets and cuffs are my ultimate fav. They make the look. great for showing your personality and style. LOVE
Kristen Silva So much arm candy I love it all
Danielle Peeples I would loooove!
Taryn Anderson Bracelet overload
Adriana Menephee love the accessories
Alanna Loren heavy handed
Evon Biondi work the cuffs and bangles this summer
Luisa Lucia Obsessed!
Katharine Beveridge bracelets bracelets bracelets.
Jacy Schulgasser Love these layered accessories and different textured bracelets!
Destiny Leon attention to details
Christini Jenkins Perfect Summer Look ! Easily paired with almost any look
Elevia Ritchie ugh i long to own that skeletal piece!!
Niki Huske i love arm candy =]
Rachel Kang arm candy! This adds something different to an outfit. This adds attention to a different area than people are used to looking.
Kristen Silva I want it all
Ashley Brown Arm candy
Jenna Murray layer the love!
Entire Magazine THAT GOLD!!!
Entire Magazine GREAT POST!
Joana Taborda LOVE IT!!
Eri Ka ///
Nora Nieves I Like this combination!
KD LUXE more arm candy
Nicole Der Ananian I'm a bracelet wh*re the more the better lol
Mary Demarais bangles on bracelets on bangles
Allison Fedor Arm parties are the most fun
Jehan Yasmin I wouldn't be able to choose, so I would probably wear them all, lol.
Hope Thomas wrist game proper!
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