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Spotted by Diana :) in DIY IDEAS

DIY dress: Pollock Impulse

Big Dreamer this is so cute, I love the bottom
Diana :) @big dreamer - if you get around to doing the DIY, i would love to see how it turns out!
Jasmine Berg Splatter Paint
Jasmine Berg Its like wearing a painting. Gotta love it. It would be perfect to wear to an art show!
Jessica James I want to make this so bad!!!
Diana :) @Jessica: I know.. Me too! I just need to find and purchase myself some supplies when I get the chance.
Lexi Battelle So Jackson Pollock! The classic shape of this dress is a perfect canvas for the splattered ink
Natalie Pedrayes Love this DRESS!
Brook Shaw amazed
Ellery Enchilada i've got to make this!
Courtney English jackson pollock diy dress!
Jessica Lyann DiY to DyE for...
Prima Romulus This is the perfect little white dress
Caroline Gallogly Love this idea!
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