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Spotted by Brie Sagona in WINTER WHISPERER

Triple Layered Chunky Infinity Scarf + Trench

Lexi Battelle great chunky scarf for fall, so much volume!
Breanne Gratton This is so me come fall/winter. I definitely want a new huge scarf and military-inspired outerwear. Zara and Nasty Gal have some great coats right now.
Melissa Dillahunt Comfy-ness
Chanel Beaupre Does anyone know where i can find a scarf this huge? I have been looking for one for a couple years and I can't seem to find one that comes off looking like this
Kaela PerLee Look awesome AND be warm
Breanne Gratton @Chanel Beaupre I have been wondering the same thing. I got one close to this from GAP a couple of years ago but I can't find one like this. I'll let you know if I find one. I may have to get a friend to make it for me, however.
Lexi Battelle @Breanne Gratton good idea! I need to make friends with someone who knows how to crochet! ;-)
Breanne Gratton @Lexi Battelle My best friend made me a scarf last year for Christmas and I just tweeted her this photo as a...hint.
Lexi Battelle @Brie Sagona this is perfect!!!!! Thanks!!
Chanel Beaupre The Perfect Chunky Scarf
Dawn Shannon I need this big scarf in my life. I'm heavy in to scarves, I have too many already. So what is one more? ;)
Cina Sao love the chunky scarf!
Jennifer H. I love this look. perfect.
Allison Fedor large and in charge
Joy Sangalang Need the scarf
Maja Videnovic I love this scarf
Lauren Render This creamy layered outfit is just perfect for this fall/ winter! The chunky infinity scarf is right on trend and take a look at that feather necklace- on point for fall 13 trends! This outfit is the perfect cozy and fashionable look every woman can rock.
Jehan Yasmin #Chunky #scarf is perfect for winter wonderland!
Sharonda Willis Every time I see this I feel the need to comment! Gorg!!
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