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Spotted by Brie Sagona in Ideal Man

He makes plaid look good

Lacey Link love him!
Huong Nguyen can this photo get any cuter? plaid AND a puppy? oh my..
Aman Fahimullah this needs to be on the haute page
Faye Gallegos love the jacket
Chantelle James My main man
Jane N He makes smoking look cool
Astrid Malone Indeed he makes plaid look great...P.S. loved him "Drive"
Mali Cotterill Well, well, well, isn't he a cutie ☺
Stephany Junco What a true hottie! He makes anything look good! lol Love this guy xo
Style_by _Fashnboucou He makes anything look good lol
Katja Nyquist Ryan G. always #ontrend
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