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Spotted by Brie Sagona in Dress

Inbal Dror Wedding Couture. This is so amazing...

Lexi Battelle this is so amazing
Brie Sagona I know right?
Tine Cua amazing designer! who is she?!?!
The Monicaaa Lee I would have loved this dress for my wedding!
Carl Freedom There isn't a tux out there that can marry a woman in this dress.
Berti N Tomer she is an israeli designer! the best one!! i got married with one of her dresses. she is amazing!!!
Brie Sagona wow! thanks for sharing @Berti N Tomer ☺ that is awesome
Brie Sagona I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks this is beautiful. Makes me want to get married...NOW ;)
Chanel Beaupre Gorgeous wedding dress designed by Inbal Dror
Brook Shaw how do you put words to this? LOVEEEE
Mary Kidd Here goes another one...
Marie Béatrice Bramble Gorgeous dress !
Eboni Jackson the train on this dress is so beautiful
Astrid Malone No words
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