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Spotted by Bianca Weber in ARCHITECTURAL FABRIC

Christian Louboutin ! Obviously. Just when you have seen what you think is the bees knees, then comes along Louboutin. Sharp shape of the toe and cylindrical trim all so precise makes this shoe breathtaking. I might find the ruffle at the back annoyi

Toya Jennings Weems love the flower lace
Brie Sagona a modern twist on a classic design!
Sharonda Willis #Classic #Pump with a twist. CL knows how to bring all the girls to the yard!
Sylvie Belinga holala! tres jolie et extravagant
Alexa Beridon CL perfection!
Kat Golden I.Die.
Vanessa Muzayen Love These!!
Kathleen Balestrieri Christian Louboutin


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