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Spotted by Anna Anthony in FASHION HISTORY

John Paul Gaultier

Bowl Cut Girl This is beautiful Anna! I see many people with trend collections but this is the first on fashion history! I'm amazed
Julia Kaplan Nautical Perfection
Jaylin Johnson perfect for a beach day, no? it's stylish and functional!
Vritti Goel @Anna Anthony I see you're from SF ☺ Have you been to the De Young museum's Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit yet??
Anna Anthony @Vritti I have been to the JPG Exhibit and it's amazing! This piece is really incredible in person, such an inspiration!
Vritti Goel Aaah I've never been to that museum so I'm hoping I can go sometime...I love looking at that museum from outside though :P
Anna Anthony @Vritti you definitely have to go! I think it goes until sometime in August ☺
Vritti Goel Oh, good! I'll definitely try to go the first Tuesday in August ☺

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