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Spotted by Jennifer Simpkins in SPOT LIGHT DRESSES


Alycia Lykins wowserss
Alycia Lykins so beautiful!
Kaitlyn Audley Gorgeous! @Alycia Lykins where would you wear this?
Michele Rycaj Hines Effortless beauty
Lexi McMenamin oh my god YES. slits make everything better.
Brenda Kearney Such a stunning Dress!
Melissa Holt Dying over this dress! How absolutely romantic.
Kate Wingard gorgeous
Mali Cotterill @Jennifer Simpkins - Do you know who designeed this dress?
Jennifer Simpkins Yes @MailiCotterill. Paolo-Sebastian
Mali Cotterill @Jennifer Simpkins - Thank you! Good to know
Cassandra Krupp What every gown should be, feminine, chic, flattering and comfortable. This gown looks like it's completely weightless and effortless.
Taslima Harewood potential to be the dress
Kendy Soria so beautiful
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