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Spotted by Hayden Sorensen in Summer Style

Love the open back

Jenn Chan love the white open back and lace
Crystal Day Open back with criss cross sash and lace is wonderfully girly and sensual.
Alexi Elconin Sexy and sophisticated and sweet. SSStyle.
Vritti Goel I've seen this pop up so many times, and every time, I see something different about it that I like. the bow, the detail of the lace, the cross-back, the color. Gorgeous all the way through.
Emily Sharif Lace, open back, bow...perfect wedding dress.
Dina Hanna love open back
Elysa Kemp Love the criss cross to soften the shoulders..
Teddi Joyner Its open back but the lace, fabric and bow make it elegant
Teddi Joyner Write a comment...
Ben Can Favorite- got to have it!
Stefanie Ingersoll I think my back is missing, have you seen it?


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