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Spotted by Lillian Yang in Garden Troves

Like a chic ballerina

Britt White Flower * Power
Monica Lee these shoes make me want to blossom
Diva Kakonde these shoes are sweet and sexy
Annie Marie classy and unique
Kaylee Arnold oh woowww...
Jenn Chan laced mint shoes with floral? drool worthy
Diana Youn I can't get enough of this vintage floral print.
Erica Day Great for the summer!
Cassi Lynn Floral Print Shoes are my weakness!
Bryana Hill these would look awesome with leather leggings
Kelsey Ostergren How can you not like these? They are GORGE.
Sasha Jiwani great for the summer...vintage floral is back!
Marcia Rose so soft and cute
Natalie Threde So unique! I love these, perfect for summer <3
Vritti Goel The print is gorgeous, the straps are great. I just love seeing this pop up over and over again on the Haute feed, because it's such a great shoe!
Kim Julien I want!
Jolene Angel love the floral!
Nakia Reneau Floral prints very trendy this summer
Brittany Lambert Summer Summer Thyme
Selina Bryant This is a print done right
Jenna Chism These shoes are so summery and light.
Brittany Sternberg The pattern reminds me of a delicate painting, only on shoes! Love these.
Melissa Kdna Arizpe to use right now!!
Moriah Dee Floral prints are so pretty. Perfect to add a feminine touch to any outfit.
Annie Magrew Girly dash
Stephanie Nguyen Love the floral to add that feminine touch!
Elise Ann Immiti Want these asap
Michelle Ripper beautiful, amazing, I need these!
Jenny Nguyen Floral Ballerina Pumps
Dee A Ferrera Mint and floral...What a Hit!
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