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Spotted by Miss Black California 2013 in Shoe Addiction

Yves Saint Laurent Obsession satin and suede pumps

Brie Sagona these are hot!
Miss Black California 2013 Yes, they are and I really love the gold tip and the lovely pastel greens!
Kierra Jackson YVES SAINT LAURENT Pumps
Jennifer Farris Loving all of the colours together.
Jaclyn Andrade These YSL babies are to die for. especially with the gold toe cap!
Henry Orellana Monsieur Laurent!
Kennedy Diaz Different textures will catch everyone's attentionalong with the simple colors
Lauren Zeinstra Yves Saint Laurent, Satin Suede
Thu Pham So sweet, reminds me of sherbet.
Marina Ferraz Awsome!! Beige, mint green and gold ;)
Marina Ferraz Another kind of beige... Awsome
Kimmy Kornmann FEAST YOUR EYES.
Jenna Chism The colors in these shoes are outstanding! I love the pastels.
Jessica James YSL color blocking
Meghan Good ysl <3
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