What's your style?

Spotted by Bri Bolden in Celebrity Style.

I love this outfit, I'm truly a fan of Miley's style.

Kaylee Arnold She's too cool... I want her closet.
Olivia Ringo Miley rockin a sheer neon sweater.
Bri Bolden Me too, Kaylee, me too.
Erica Day cute summer style
Lauren Metjian I have to say, Miley always looks put together for a fun day in sunny California. This girl is always trending!
Bri Bolden I think so too, Lauren. Her style is so effortless, yet her outfits are always beyond cute.
Kennedy Diaz The neon paired with the cut offs is a wonderful summer look. Her headband adds to the otherwise "plain" outfit by adding a pattern.
Maggie Paraskeva Love the contrasting colors and the studded shorts, very edgy.


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